There is a story behind the manufacture of each and every garment
carefully crafted at Descente. Expertise and craftsmanship have been
passed on over the years through the hands of our technicians, and each
garment is the result of decades of accumulated knowledge.


At Descente, production of a garment pattern begins after the crystalizing into one image of a concept initiated by a marketing team, and refined through the company's careful, time-consuming design process. At every stage of that process, experts look at it from all angles to determine how it will eventually appear, how it will be sewn, and how that flat image will be transformed into a three dimensional one. Every small detail is recorded, and evolves into an “instruction manual”, detailing exactly what sort of product it will become, and the detail of all the steps to be taken to achieve it. It is this exacting process that goes to the heart of Descente's superior craftsmanship. It is not overstating the case to say that there is a point in the midst of this process when Descente's DNA takes firm root in the product under development.