Descente is constantly seeking innovative ways to produce even
better sports apparel. Working with feedback from world class
amateur and professional athletes and teams Descente creates
garments to help them perform at their best. The knowhow gained
from this has been the cornerstone of Descente's product
development for sixty years.

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In the world of sport, Descente has always enjoyed a reputation as a great originator, and a leader in the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship.
Over the years, the company has worked with large numbers of leading athletes to develop sportswear products that give them the extra edge they look for when competing at the highest levels.
Indeed, there were times when the performances of some of these athletes were so dominant, they led to a belief in sporting circles that “Unless you are wearing Descente, you are not in the race”.
It is the craftsmanship underpinning these sorts of accolades that is the very heart and soul of the development of the Descente brand, and the meticulous attention to detail in product manufacture is the magic ingredient behind the successes of many an Olympian.


The company name DESCENTE is French for the skiing term “downhill”.
The company logo express the three basic skiing techniques of the schussing,
traversing and skidding.
This symbol embodies our constant search for the best in all we do and our
focus on the future.

Philosophy Philosophy

Philosophy Philosophy


This strategy became the mechanism which has led to a development and manufacturing regime based on perfect mutual understanding and agreement between the people who make the products and those who wear them.
It has enabled Descente to incorporate the impressions and suggestions of world-class athletes into the process of developing products that enable them to shine at the very highest levels of their fields of endeavor.

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TAG LINE Spirit of Performance TAG LINE Spirit of Performance

Love your sport?
Pulling on a Descente garment can be a life-changing experience
Immediately you'll feel the liberation it brings - the freedom of movement, the stirring of the pulses And you'll appreciate the painstaking research and meticulous development that made this possible
This is our passion and pride - our DNA Descente - for you and with you

Philosophy Philosophy

RESPONSIBILITY Scrupulous Quality Control RESPONSIBILITY Scrupulous Quality Control

By their very nature, sportswear products are tested to the limits of their performance in the harsh environments of their various fields. One of Descente's key aims is to make sure that its craftsmanship – free of defects and problem areas and based on sound principles of safety – plays an important role in preventing accident and injury in the sports arena.
To maintain stringent quality in these areas, Descente has implemented the “Descente Standard”, taking maximum responsibility for safety and quality issues and complying with all relevant laws and regulations.
These principles apply not only in Japan, but also globally. Strenuous efforts are made to comply with relevant legislation is all countries where product is sold, so that all benefit equally from Descente's quality and safety-driven craftsmanship.